What’s happening this year, week 16.


The week saw a predictable result for the referendum in Turkey with an outcome debated, protested and ignored by Western governments as well as a disgusting showing from a group of Democrats in America shown laughing about the suicide¹ rate of white males. This is week 16. [Updated terror attack, Paris]


  • In France last week, one of Marine Le Pen’s campaign offices was attacked by arsonists in Paris. This week, police managed to stop an imminent attack in Marseille¹, France before the elections which are due to take place on April 23. The would-be Islamic terrorists were found to have multiple identities¹ and had used pre-paid bank cards and burner phones to make themselves harder to track. 3 kilograms of explosives¹ as well as an ISIS flag were found when the would-be Islamic terrorists home was raided by police. Along with explosives that were ‘ready for use¹‘, police also found firearms, including a loaded sub-machine gun. The two, identified as Mahiedine Merabet and Clement Baur¹ (both with ‘French nationality¹‘), allegedly met in prison in 2015¹, and links have been found between them and a Belgian Jihadi network¹. France itself is no stranger to Islamic terrorism¹, and the threat remains high as the election continues.


  • In the U.S. a black man yelling “allahu ackbar¹” while trying to “kill as many white people as possible¹” has laughed while recounting his crime to police. The attacker, Kori Ali Muhammad¹, fired 16¹ shots killing three white men¹ at random in what is being described as a ‘hate crime’. Despite yelling a phrase which has become synonymous with Islamic terrorism, the event has been ruled out¹ as a terrorist act as it seems something can either be terrorism or a ‘hate crime’, but not both. This comes despite Muhammad having also previously been charged for making terrorist threats¹.  The BBC¹ quickly found it necessary to quote a ‘muslim leader’ to say that Muhammad did not represent Islam while also feeling it necessary to only show the English translation to “allahu ackbar”. The week before this attack, Muhammad had allegedly murdered a security guard¹ at a motel. A warrant had been issued for his arrest.


  • In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS launched two chemical weapon attacks in two days¹ in an attempt to fight back against approaching Iraqi government forces. The Iraqi units which included Australian and U.S.¹ advisors have been fighting to remove ISIS from their stronghold on the western side of Mosul. Several were left injured by the ‘rudimentary¹‘ chemical weapons, although it has not been made clear whether Australian or U.S. personnel were injured along with their Iraqi colleagues. These chemical attacks are the latest in a long line of ISIS chemical agent related war crimes, with 52 reported¹ in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has been using civilian populations¹ to wage its battles, both for defense and offense. There has been criticism levied toward Western media for selectively reporting chemical attacks, both for occurrences and for the origins of such occurrences¹.


  • In Pakistan, another would-be Islamic terrorist attack, this time on Christians celebrating Easter¹, was foiled by Pakistani security forces. One terrorist was killed and his two accomplices, a man and a woman, were arrested and found to be in possession of suicide vests¹ and other explosives. Believed to be a part of the Pakistani Taliban¹, they would-be Islamic terrorists were aiming to become suicide bombers and attack a church (which has not been specified) in the Lahore region in the East of the country. This is not the first Islamic terror related attack on the country this year¹, and since February of 4,500¹ suspected militants have been arrested. Last year, 72 were murdered in an attack¹ by Islamic terrorists in the same region when celebrating Easter, many of the victims children and other muslims.


  • In the Philippines, an Islamic terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf, beheaded a one of a group of fisherman the Islamists had abducted in December of 2016. The captive was allegedly beheaded for slowing the group down¹, which is constantly moving due to increased military operations¹ against them. The rest of the fishing crew is still being held hostage, although the government refuses¹ to pay ransom to terrorists. The Jihadist group operates largely in a Catholic¹ region of the Philippines. Days before the beheading, Abu Sayyaf had fought with police leaving 5 terrorists and 4 officers dead¹. The incident took place on the holiday island Bohol¹ for what was most likely in a kidnapping¹ attempt.



In additional news;

  • German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier has begged the French people not to vote for Marine Le Pen in favor of remaining¹ within the EU (a referendum for which Le Pen has promised).
  • A former geography teacher in the UK has stated that “men should stay away from teaching” after he was put through the ordeal of being falsely charged¹ with raping a student. The former teacher stated that there is nothing to protect male teachers.
  • Video has emerged online of a Democratic senate candidate in Maine, U.S.A. making a joke about a high white male suicide¹ rate. The joke came after he spoke of encouraging women in the work force.
  • An Islamic crime boss in Melbourne, Australia has survived an attempt on his life in a drive-by¹ shooting conducted by either ‘biker gangs’ or rival muslim crime families.
  • In response to threats of violence, another ‘right-wing’ speaker’s speech has been canceled¹ at the University of California, Berkeley. The threats come from the ‘left wing’ “anti-fascist” movement which seemingly has no issue with using threats of violence for political aims (the very definition¹ of terrorism).
  • In the Dutch city of The Hague, an anonymous letter has caused a stir regarding Turkish and Moroccan¹* ‘youths’ terrorizing a swimming pool since its opening in 2000. The letter expresses concerns about thefts, assaults and sexual assaults which have been occurring on a daily¹* basis since the pool’s opening in 2000¹*.


  • In a final news note, Paris has just (as of writing) experienced another terrorist attack leaving one police officer¹ dead, one injured and a dead terrorist.  A second suspect is on the run. The terrorist opened fire with a Kalashnikov¹ assault rifle, shooting the officer who was stopped at a red light. ISIS has already claimed responsibility¹ for the attack through a ‘Belgian’ ISIS fighter. Unfortunately, some seem more concerned that this latest attack will give Marine Le Pen an edge in the coming elections¹. More on this may be covered as things develop. [Update: The dead terrorist’s name has been revealed as Abu Yousef al-Belgiki¹]



To end the week, we bring you the case of a Chihuahua who was arrested for jay walking, disorderly behavior and assault on two officers¹. And lastly, in Australia a man is suing a science-based museum after he ran into a wall attempting to beat one of the exhibits in a race¹.




This has been week 16.




*Alternate language source.

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