What’s happening this year, week 15.


It’s been a busy week for Islamists, as they’ve dominated the headlines on an almost daily basis. In the mean time, news media online kept a large focus on a passenger being dragged off a flight, and a woman protesting against an EDL¹ protest in the UK. The latter dominated UK media with praise for the woman while once again ignoring pro-Sharia/caliphate¹ marches and Sharia courts¹ as well as ‘right wing’ protests of child sexual abuse by “Asian” gangs. This is week 15. [Updated Dortmund bombing]


  • An Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm¹ took some by surprise, while others were simply waiting for it to occur. The all too familiar¹ situation of a truck being used to run over citizens and cause deaths, injuries and panic repeated itself in the Swedish capital. Four have been confirmed dead¹, including an 11 year old deaf girl¹ who could not hear the truck coming, a British father¹ and a Belgian psychologist who worked with rejected¹ asylum seekers. Another 15¹ were left injured. Two arrests have been made in connection to the attack with, one suspect confessing to an act of terrorism and requesting a fellow Sunni Muslim¹ to be his lawyer instead of the state appointed defender her was allocated (a request which was denied). Rakhmat Akilov¹ is a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan in Sweden whose application had been rejected in June of 2016¹. He had given authorities an incorrect address on his application, and no official search for his deportation had been made until February 2017, some 8 months after being rejected but still living in the country and working¹.

Police had been attacked with stones¹ when apprehending suspects of the the Stockholm terror attack, and though a second arrest had been made¹, it appears that suspect may have been released. The during the attack there were claims of shots being fired¹ as well as reports that there was an improvised explosive device¹ in the truck¹ itself which was packed into a suitcase¹. Akilov was already known¹ to police and has expressed support¹ for ISIS¹ as well as claiming the attack as being revenge for the bombing of ‘rebels’ in Syria¹. The truck used had been hijacked¹ earlier in the day. Akilov was reportedly pleased¹ with his actions.


  • In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the terror alert level was raised in response to an explosive device¹ being found the day after the attack in Stockholm. Police evacuated and sealed off the area, which has a number of bars and restaurants, as bomb disposal experts¹ were called to the scene and disposed¹ of the device before forensic investigators moved in. A 17 year old ‘Russian national’ who has lived in Norway with his family since they applied for asylum¹ seven years ago is being held by police over the device. The bomb itself apparently had limited potential, however, it had been covered with nails¹ in what appears to be a serious attempt to create as much damage, injury and death as possible. Being a minor, the suspect will be held for a period of 2 weeks as evidence is brought together for charges relating to terrorism.


  • Sunday saw two Islamic suicide bomb¹ attacks in Egypt on Coptic Christians churches celebrating Palm Sunday. The first bombing took place in Tanta, a region 93km from the capital Cairo. 27¹ were killed in the first attack, with a further 78¹ injured. Hours later in Alexandria, 125km from Tanta, another suicide bomber struck Coptic Christians¹ again, this time in front of a church killing 17¹ and injuring around 40¹. ISIS was quick to claim responsibility¹ for the attacks with saw a total of 44 killed and 126 injured¹.  A three month state of emergency¹ has been declared in Egypt following the attacks.

These were just the latest in a long line of attacks against Coptic Christians in the region, a minority frequently targeted by Islamic militants. A short list of recent attacks against Coptic Christians¹ in the area is concerning if only for how underwhelmingly reported it is in the West. Almost immediately afterwards, some media outlets ran articles which apparently showed a rising¹ trend of ‘Islamophobia¹‘ in China¹. Though mentions of ‘Christianophobia’ or similar were not to be found. It’s difficult to list all of the attacks¹ against the minority Coptic Christians¹ due to the number of occurrences¹, though a small sampling can be seen in the previous short list as well as a few linked here¹ which have spanned years¹.


  • Australia also saw attacks tied to Islamic terrorism, as two boys aged 15 and 16 have been arrested following a 14 hour¹ crime spree that ended after the stabbing murder of a service station attendant whose blood was allegedly used to write ‘ISIS¹‘. Australian Counter Terrorism¹ police became involved with the case as ties had been found between the 16 year old offender and radical Islamic material¹. Aside from the murder, the two had also broken into at least one home, beating the occupant with a tyre iron¹, and another man was beaten by the two in a park with a beer bottle. The two were arrested after a chase on the Monaro Highway¹ in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory).


  • An attempted bus bombing in Dortmund, in the west of Germany saw the rise of threats against non-believing¹ (or non-muslim) ‘actors, sportsmen, public personalities and singers’. Three explosions went off near the Dortmund football team’s bus, which managed only to injure one player and an escorting officer¹. A warrant was quickly issued for Abdul Beset¹, a 26 year old ISIS commander who arrived in Europe through Turkey in 2016. Beset had led a group responsible for killing, kidnapping and torturing¹ people on behalf of Islamic State. Authorities have since claimed that there is no evidence tying Beset directly¹ to the bombing, but they have also acknowledged a larger group is likely active in the area. Several other Islamists have been identified and one detained¹.

Police quickly began investigating Islamist¹ ties to the bombing owing to a note¹ left at the scene which claimed responsibility. However, there was also another group who claimed responsibility for the targeted¹ attack. ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist action) appeared to take credit for the attack on an online blog¹* as well, stating the attack had been undertaken due to the football club not doing enough to fight Nazis¹. The claim was later called fake¹ by authorities. Oddly enough, the BBC’s Berlin correspondent seemed to blame ‘right wing extremists’ for the attack, claiming it did not fit the pattern of Islamists¹ and it may have been done because of the club’s clamp-downs against ‘Nazis’. [Update: A dual Russian-German has been arrested and is being questioned over the attack and attempted murder of 20 people in what may have been an attempt to profit in gambling¹*]


  • The campaign office of Marine Le Pen’s National Front in Paris was the subject of an attempted arson¹ attack early Thursday morning which left only a doormat and a door burned¹. Graffiti from the group “Fighting xenophobia¹” was found next to the front door of Le Pen’s campaign office. The ‘far left’ group later reportedly contacted AFP¹ to claim responsibility for the attack, explaining how they had done it and their motivation for doing so. There has also reportedly been a threat that similar actions will take place every day¹ until the French elections. Le Pen has stated she seeks to press charges¹ over the attack.



In additional news;

  • Philippine troops killed Islamic militants from the group Abu Sayyaf¹ believed to be responsible for the beheadings of a German and two Canadian hostages.
  • In Africa, Islamic jihadi group Boko Haram¹ has re-entered the news after revelations it has been using drugged girls for suicide bombing missions. The group rose to prominence after kidnapping 276 Nigerian schoolgirls in 2014, and after surrendering 19 through negotiations, have stated they may sell the girls at slave markets¹.
  • A ‘migrant’ camp in France saw fires destroy many makeshift structures are Afghan and Kurdish¹ camp residents fought. Six received knife wounds and others ‘lost all of their papers¹‘ in the camp which local government had announced plans to dismantle.
  • London has seen yet another ‘acid attack’, as an unknown and undescribed offender threw acid on a mother, father and two year old child¹ in an unprovoked attack. It’s the latest in a long line of similar such crimes, with 1,490¹ such incidents occurring between 2011-2016.



Editorial: In a world being made ever more dangerous by the spread of ‘radical Islam’ and uncontrolled (often Islamic) migration, the answer is not simply to allow things to continue as they are. This is not normal, not by any stretch of the imagination. Yet terrifyingly, it’s being normalized. A mentality of ‘not all x’ emerges along with a generalization of all those who criticize the current goings on in the world. When there’s nothing left of the pillars of free to protect, there will be nothing left to protect the society which once built it. Sometimes, not all things are as equal as they proclaim themselves to be, not should they be allowed such a status. Ignoring the poison in your cup will not make it any less effective.




Finishing off this week is the potential for alien life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus¹ as well as Europa¹, both likely ocean worlds. And an Australian rapper has gone to court for diving¹ into the sea and swimming away instead of paying the bill for dinner before being arrested by police on jet skis.

Lastly, happy Easter everyone. Stay safe.




This has been week 15.






*Alternative language source.


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