Chemical weapons in Syria.

At this time, news of a ‘chemical attack’ in Syria is spreading far and wide with deaths listed as around 100¹ so far, and over 400¹ injuries. But something is amiss in this tragedy, a very important detail being glossed over in favor of naming the popular bad guy, Assad.

The province in Syria where the ‘chemical attack’ took place is a ‘rebel’ held area called Idlib. Russia and Syria¹ have both targeted the ‘rebel’ strongholds¹ for months and have made gains against the ‘rebels’ in the Idlib area. Previously, fighting had temporarily ceased¹ as civilians were evacuated from the area. The ‘rebels’ in Idlib appear to be Turkish-supported¹, and Turkey has also stated its desire to remove Assad¹.

News supplied by the Russian MOD¹ has stated that the Syrian government had bombed a warehouse¹ in the ‘rebel’ held territory which was producing and storing chemical weapons¹. Whether the government knew about the chemical weapons being stored there is currently uncertain, though international condemnation against the Syrian government¹ was quick despite the fact that ‘rebels’ have been known¹ for using chemical weapons¹. Something which has repeatedly¹ been reported¹.

The information regarding the ‘chemical attack¹‘ has often reportedly been coming from the ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights¹‘, an EU funded anti-Assad activist who operates from within the United Kingdom. Some news sources however, have taken to reporting the stances of the ‘rebels¹themselves¹, perhaps as part of the ongoing deliberate propaganda¹ in the West against Assad¹.

Assad may not be perfect, but lying about the use of chemical weapons and war crimes does nothing but embolden ‘rebels’ and the countries who support them. Ultimately, it will drag the ‘civil’ war out longer, claim more lives, and serve only to further destabilize one of the only secular countries left in the area.

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