Quiet and in the background.


With last weeks incidents of terrorism, it’s no wonder some other news was overlooked. Some things, however, don’t receive the coverage they deserve afterwards. There’s no need to ask why anymore, but only a need to address it.

The Rotherham¹ child sex grooming, pimping and in some cases torture, which took place for over a decade¹ and saw 1,400¹ children abused sent shock waves through the UK. Not simply because of the extent of crimes, but the fact that the ‘Asian¹‘ men had been able to do so for so long, and that authorities were alleged to be involved in a cover-up¹ or indifferent¹.

With at least eight imprisoned for these crimes¹, one would think it would be at an end and there may be a chance to move on, knowing that this sort of thing would certainly receive a high level of coverage if it ever happened again.


How unfortunate it is to be wrong.


Barely emerging from the local press in Huddersfield, UK, 27 men and 2 women¹ have been charged with a string of child sex offenses including rape and trafficking¹ and production of child pornography, spanning the period 2004-2011. The 18 victims were all children between the ages of 11 and 17¹ at the time of the incidents. Many of the defendants are currently on bail until their court date on April 12¹. Though descriptions of the defendants are few and far between, there appears to be a certain similarity between this case and Rotherham, if only that they would otherwise be described in the media as ‘Asian’ based on their names¹.


Though these are far from the only cases¹ which involve organized child sexual abuse¹, it is certainly one of the latest which has barely caused a ripple in international news -Or at times, even national news.


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