What’s in a name?

Distortions are emerging in regards to the London Islamic terror attack in at least one major media publication. Specifically, the name of the terrorist in question, but what’s in a name? [Small update]


The London terrorist, a Muslim convert by the name of Khalid Masood is being named by The Telegraph in their articles largely¹ (and at times exclusively) as his Western birth name Adrian Ajao. Some may say that this is not important, that it’s just a name and though this is another example of Islamic terrorism, it’s ‘not all muslims, it’s just a small percentage’ and therefore ideology doesn’t matter.

It seems some like the Telegraph would indeed rather ignore the connection¹ all together by referring to the terrorist Khalid Masood solely as Adrian Ajao¹. [Twice¹, the second example not even mentioning Islamic terrorism in the main story despite even ISIS claiming responsibility¹].

Though some may argue that the name is not very relevant, the fact that the connections can be (attempted to be) swept under the rug means that the core issues will never been tackled or confronted, because the reasons will be buried so as to not cause offense.

There is a very big problem of denial in the West, one asserted and aided by the media and politicians, some of which may be seeking to increase their voter base.

But the longer this elephant in the room is ignored, the more excuses made to deflect the reality, the more damage will be done. Damage which may eventually be too great to ever be repaired.

If a name can be ignored and altered, so can the implications. And when a media outlet presents what it wants as opposed to what occurred, we all suffer the consequences. And those who point such things out without a ‘trusted’ source will often be labeled conspiracy theorists.


This is not just a simple change of a name, this is another attempt to sweep a mountain of garbage under the rug -And the mountain is likely to collapse.


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