The great African land grab.


Africa is a continent which often ends up in the news when it comes to massacres, terrorism, poverty and starvation. But it’s also a continent riddled with racial hatred and persecutions which often go very unreported in the West –When the victims are white.


We’ve mentioned a few times on this site about worrying developments in South Africa and ongoing situations in Zimbabwe, but others may still be on the way. This is by no means a comprehensive history, but rather a glance at what is often ignored in the West while MSM would rather focus on on others as the victims on the continent.

In 2002, Robert Mugabe began evicting white farmers¹ from their land to support ‘black power farms’ and to ‘decolonize’ the country. White farmers left the country or were arrested for failing to leave, with whites being beaten in the streets¹ for being white. It was a program some in the West seemed¹ to make excuses for, under the guise that black middle class populations should be awarded farmland to grow the economy and the strange idea that so many had the skills required to be farmers. It also came off the back of a constitutional referendum¹ in 2002, which Mugabe lost but aspects of which were later enforced regardless. The world watched as political leaders in the West did nothing while white farmers were killed¹ and driven off their lands, even though the ethnic cleansing¹ began before.

Zimbabwe collapsed, and the breadbasket¹ of Africa quickly became known for poverty¹ and starvation¹. Mugabe would continue to rule, using assault and murder¹ from his “war veterans¹” group to intimidate opposition and hold onto power¹. Though words of compensation for stolen lands has emerged¹, little action has been taken. At times, white farmers have been invited back¹, and at other times, white farms appear again under threat of being stolen¹. All the while, Zimbabwe continues to fail¹, and the West remains silent.


In South Africa, unconstitutional¹ plans to take white farmer’s lands without compensation¹ have been brought up now and then, again with little notice or action from the West. However, now the idea has gone from a “blooper¹” in President Zuma’s speech, to being something that has moved closer to reality¹*. After over two decades of of ANC rule, white ownership of farms is still being pushed as one of the main reasons for wealth and racial inequality¹, while much needs to be done to effectively¹ target corruption¹. and stem the tide of decay to beneficial systems¹ put in place before the end of apartheid. Many racial issues emerge from South Africa, often threats and violence against whites¹, however some of the most covered issues in the West about this seem to be slights¹, regardless of context.


Now, it’s Namibia’s president¹ who is starting to call for land expropriation without compensation. The move comes as the progress of land reform projects falls well behind its planned goals. Again the land grabs would be legalized by altering the constitution¹.

Should the move go ahead under current plans¹, one will be left to wonder: How long until another Zimbabwe¹ situation emerges?

And will the West stop rewarding such governments, corruption and failed/failing policies with aid?

After all, the UN¹ is apparently opposed to racism. Excepting when they’re praising South Africa¹ for fighting against racism while the country may soon steal white owned lands.



Additional reading:

-Regarding racial murders in South Africa can be found here¹.

-Booklets on Rhodesia and terrorism, often brought by Mugabe from original source material (not archived due to volume of information).


*Alternative archive service.

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