Migration and the threat of children.

With recent instruction and threats from countries like Turkey¹, it seems time to begin looking at certain aspects of society and the future.

The West has seen great progress and upheaval in the last few thousand years. With wars, famines and internal migrations, the face of the continent has changed multiple times. Some of them for the better, and some of them certainly for the worse.

There seems to be a faulty reasoning these days that all change is good and will lead to the better. These same changes are often ignored when they lead to rising criminality and social cohesion, leading to the point where one cannot remember when x city or country wasn’t fraught with crime¹, a rise which often show similar factors¹.

What can certainly be seen in any case is a political¹ class¹ which has opened the floodgates to vast swathes of (often illegal) immigration with plans for more (some reports show plans for up to six million¹ migrants) in order to provide ‘labor’ to a bloc which already has large unemployment¹ issue.

One thing is certain, politicians and the very wealthy will certainly benefit from a change in demographics and a push for further overpopulation. These acts alone would raise the prices of food, services and property as well as seeing wages plummet due to lack of space and over abundance of labor. Of course, invitations to millions of unskilled individuals would also see plenty of potential votes for those who sent the invitations, drowning out the native voice.

As for population statistics, they’re already not on the side of the native population¹. Given such a climate, extremism on every side is bound to rise.




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