Turkish politics in Europe.

The Dutch government last has said that it will not cooperate with Turkey’s plans to have a political campaign (pro-referendum giving Erdogan unprecedented powers) in the Netherlands¹

There is a growing sentiment that too many foreigners in the Netherlands do not integrate into society, and this would potentially exacerbate this issue, especially with Dutch elections scheduled 4 days after this event would occur.

Recently, bomb threats were made against a local German government for cancelling another such rally.  Together with this, Turkish president Erdogan has raised the ire of many Dutch (and other European) citizens, especially the “right wing” by stating that Turks should not assimilate into other cultures¹.

Similar issues in the Netherlands, and indeed across Europe are recurring, and many are upset at the fact that Turkey seems to be actively suppressing anti-Erdogan sentiment (and potential ‘no’ voters) in the country.



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