What’s happening this year, week 7.

The week started once again with headlines in France. A group of four were arrested, including a teenage girl, in a raid which also uncovered explosives¹*. The four were allegedly planning a terrorist attack within the country¹, the girl had previously expressed her desire¹ to fight in Syria or Iraq.


  • Disturbing news has emerged from the U.S. in the wake of a widely publicized ‘botched’ counter-terrorism raid¹ on a compound in Yemen¹. This news comes not from the raid itself, but from within the U.S., and specifically some of those dealing with information critical to not only this raid, but the large portions U.S. counter-terrorism program itself¹. The raid itself was said to come under fire “almost immediately¹” on a moonless night¹, prompting many suspicions that information regarding the raid had been leaked by a potential spy ring operating within the U.S. government IT staff¹.

The raid, which saw the loss of a Navy SEAL¹, against Al-Qaeda was met with heavy gunfire. In the two hour long firefight, 3 other SEAL’s were injured as combatants, both male and female¹ fought in the surprise raid. Largely however, news has focused on the death¹ of an 8 year old girl¹ in the raid which saw the deaths of at least 14. This is not the first time such a spy ring has been uncovered as seen in Germany last year when an intelligence officer¹ tasked with gathering information on Islamists within Germany¹ had been found to be providing information to Islamists¹.


  • Zimbabwe may again be on the verge of collapsing its economy¹ again and entering another famine as President Mugabe vowed to ‘redistribute white owned lands and businesses¹‘ again in answer to former colonialization¹. A nation formerly known as the ‘bread basket¹ of Africa’, Zimbabwe has seen repeated failings and disaster under Mugabe. Often the blame is thrown not on poor policy, but on white farmers¹. The result of this is policy which has pushed successful farmers from their land and into neighboring¹ countries¹ as refugees. The result is dire famine¹ and poverty for all those involved, except for those lands who have accepted the white farmers who left Zimbabwe.

But Zimbabwe is not alone in this, as South Africa¹ has heard similar calls. The idea is to take lands from white farmers in order to seek restitution¹ for past wrongs. With little being done to control the corruption and abuses in government in Zimbabwe¹ and South Africa¹, it will likely mean that the governments of these countries will eventually admit their mistakes¹. In the mean time however, famine and poverty seem likely to return, and for some reason, the west will offer assistance¹ (also being used as a political tool¹) while doing little to push back against policies which would otherwise be protested en masse.


  • France is again rocked by riots after the alleged rape of a black teen during an arrest by police with a baton¹. The ‘accindental¹‘ rape led to the alleged victim ‘Theo’ to be sent to hospital for treatment of his wounds. Since the event, large scale violent riots¹ have again broken out in Paris¹, with dozens arrested, cars burned and businesses vandalized and looted¹. Criticism has been levied at the government¹ for allowing this situation to grow so far out of hand. The most recent riots¹ are hardly new, large scale riots have been seen a number of times in the last few decades¹, often times those riots¹ being with questionable motives¹.


  • The European Parliament approved CETA¹ this week, a widely protested¹ trade agreement which is seen by many as a back door¹ to the widely opposed TTIP agreement. The agreement is to largely be put in full effect across the EU¹, despite the fact that many nations within the bloc still have the ability to vote over provisions of the agreement¹ which would potentially create legal chaos should it be voted against. The great concern regarding CETA (and indeed TTIP) is that these agreements¹ can very easily be used and abused by large corporations¹ who would be able to sue nations for loss of profits.


  • In Melbourne, Australia, at least one man is forming a vigilante¹ group to take back the streets from violent criminals who have been terrorizing local communities¹. Melbourne has seen an unsettling rise in crime¹ brought on by ‘ethnic¹’ gangs¹ of ‘youths’, mainly refugees and migrants from Africa¹. The events¹ have lead many to wonder just how these people have been allowed into the country in the first place¹, and why more isn’t already being done to arrest and deport the offenders¹. The main question seems to be, if these people are being given refuge in Australia, why should they be allowed to stay if they act in this¹ way¹? And what is to happen to Australians trying to get away from ethnic violence¹? Victims have been men¹, women¹, families¹, the elderly¹ and children¹. And barring swift action, these attacks are unlikely to stop¹.



We end this week with a reason never to doubt the power of spaghetti, or at least to utilize restaurants more often¹.



This has been week 7.



*Alternate language source.

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