What’s happening this year, week 6.

This week’s review began almost immediately after week 5 had been posted, when France was again awash with news of terrorism. Fortunately, this incident produced no victims as the Egyptian¹ attacker was shot several times by a soldier¹ (who was also wounded in the attack) protecting the Louvre¹.


  • The ongoing crisis in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo has seen almost a hundred murders¹ so far. In a situation being often described as a purge¹, the military has been called in in an attempt to bring the situation under control by President Temer¹. The state of lawlessness is a result of local police going on strike¹ over pay and staffing cuts by the local government. The area itself is one of the worst hit¹ by the currently ongoing economic crisis in Brazil¹.

The local government has stated they will not enter negotiations¹ with the police until the ‘strike’ is at an end. The strike itself is illegal¹, however the police are technically not striking but instead are surrounded by supporters who are ‘blockading¹‘ police stations, making police ‘unable’ to leave. Police have been hard hit by the cuts and face a difficult task in an area which averages 47* murders a year. Brazil itself has seen a lot of social upheaval in the last few years. With corruption¹, mass protests and scandal¹ gripping the country¹, some of Brazil’s neighbours may also see similar effects after recent reports¹ of wider spread corruption¹.


Following public reaction has been mixed, however the police station where the officer works was inundated with flowers¹ by admirers. The officer has also stated that this not a racist or xenophobic rant, but rather what is happening on the streets, saying “If you can’t discuss the problem of crime among immigrants without it being called racist propaganda, things are very bad¹“.


  • In Turkey, reporting¹ on all breaking news has been restricted -Including news which refers to terrorist attacks. The law places the government¹ in charge of choosing which images and video can be shown, as well as sharing any details of an attack’s location¹. In the last week, Turkey has continued raids and arrests of all types. Reports vary from 400¹ to 750¹ arrests of ISIS suspects all over the country have emerged¹. At the same time, over 4,000¹ people have been dismissed in a continuation of ‘post-coup’ purges¹.

While Erdogan seeks further executive powers¹ which purges seem to disproportionately effect opposition party members and supporters¹. Many of these targeted arrests¹ facing political opposition¹ of Erdogan obviously raises the question, are the opposition behind what they’re accused of? And are all of these charges being correctly recorded?


  • Global warming re-entered the news in a different way when it was claimed that world leaders have been duped by manipulated data¹. The article was quickly countered by a climate scientist¹ who claimed that the evidence has been properly handled and reported. However, this is not the first time that global warming has been questioned in such a way¹. Misinformation has been prevalent in the argument, especially in alarmism¹ appeals to authority¹. All of which are harmful to convincing anyone which is correct.

As a change of pace, it may be considered a warning to some to ensure their colour schemes are in keeping with local aesthetics¹.



This has been week 6.




*Unarchived PDF, alternate language source.

**Alternate language source.

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