What’s happening this year, week 4.

It was another week of somewhat quiet news outside of the US, where headlines have revolved around how many people were in attendance of the presidential inauguration. But this week’s review will begin with something that happened last week, as more detail emerged after the matter.

  • A terrible ending to a car chase in Melbourne, Australia last Friday (January 20, 2017) left over 20 injured and 5 dead including a 3 month¹ old child. The suspect, 26 year old James Gargasoulas¹, had stabbed his brother multiple times and took a woman hostage temporarily. The brother survived the stabbing. A police chase ensued, leading the suspect into the city center where police had called off the chase for safety purposes. The chase started in Windsor, south east of the city before coming to its conclusion in a pedestrian shopping district of the city center.

A range of motives had been stated immediately following the attack ranging from Islamic terrorism¹, drug or alcohol abuse and mental illness¹. The suspect was arrested at the scene after having been shot in the arm¹ and crashing the car. The car is also said to have been stolen¹.

These exclusive images were taken just after the attack.

Photos courtesy of our anonymous Australian supporter.


  • Facebook re-entered the news again in more than one place. One of the most egregious situations came from Sweden where a woman was raped¹ by three men¹* (at least two of which were Afghan nationals¹). The incident¹ was streamed to a closed group¹. One of the men appears to have had a gun¹ during the incident. The ‘intoxicated¹‘ woman appears later in the stream claiming she was not raped, however the police are still treating it as such, as the ‘confession’ is likely to not have been given under free will. It also may not be the first time at least one of these men has raped¹ a woman.

Sexual crime is certainly not a rarity in Sweden¹. The Scandinavian nation has become the rape capital of the west¹ and bizarrely, has made it impossible for important details like the race of the offender (making identification significantly and needlessly more difficult) from being published¹.

This is also not the first time Facebook has faced issues regarding its live streaming service. Earlier this year, a 12 year old¹ girl committed suicide on live stream¹. The video of the suicide took two weeks¹ for Facebook to remove. A few days later¹, another girl¹ killed herself on another Facebook¹ live stream in her foster home. More recently still, an actor¹ killed himself on a Facebook live stream¹. Facebook for the moment does not appear to have any changes to their live streaming policy or practice.


  • Around the world after Trump’s presidential inauguration, the largest taking place in places where the Democrat party is the most prominent in the US. The ‘spontaneous’ marches¹ claim to be grass roots¹ movements spurred on by inequality, “resisting Trump¹” and attended by various celebrities. The organizers claim the event brought together over 5 million people worldwide, though others believe the event’s coverage should be questioned¹.

Despite these claims however, there seems to be a large amount of evidence¹ to the contrary. Mainly, that many of George Soros’ (a Clinton supporter who lost $1 billion¹ USD effectively betting against Trump’s victory¹) organizations are aiding¹ in financing¹ and organizing¹ these protests¹. And not simply one or two, but over 50¹ of his organizations. The march was not peaceful for all who attended¹, however.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration itself in Washington DC, hundreds of ‘anti-Trump anarchists¹‘ were arrested after rioting in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The protestors, broke windows and damaged property, and even managed to set a limousine on fire which belonged to a muslim¹ immigrant¹. Many of the arrested protestors face federal rioting¹ charges which bring with it up 10 years¹ in prison and up a $25, 000 fine.


  • In Germany, a woman referred to as ‘Nadja’ was working with the state refugee reception center LAB and discovered hundreds¹ of cases of welfare fraud from asylum seekers¹* in just one city¹. In one case, a refugee had 12¹ separate identities and had been able to claim €45, 000¹* fraudulently. Despite being told to stop the investigation¹*, the woman continued¹. Despite praise from the policy for her courage in reporting these crimes, had not previously been able to investigate. The woman who reported the crimes has since lost her job¹.



As a change of pace to end the week, though the story may be old, the Swiss may still be happy about the news¹.



This has been week 4.



*Alternate language source.

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