What’s happening this year, week 1.

The year is certainly starting off on a grim note, and we’re not even at the 7 day mark yet.

  • Probably the most shocking of recent occurences is that a mentally disabled white man (who had been missing since December 31¹) had been kidnapped and tortured by 4 black individuals in Chicago. The event was broadcast on a Facebook live stream¹ by one of the attackers.

Despite the fact that during the ordeal, the attackers can be heard yelling “Fuck Trump¹” and “Fuck white people¹“, the police commander Kevin Duffin as called these 18 year olds “kids who made stupid decisions¹” who were “ranting to make a headline¹“. The charges has since included “hate crime” charges, though first this was said to be because of the victim’s disability rather than skin color, however this has since been changed¹.

Video of said live stream can be found here

Update: Bail has been denied for the four arrested and during the ordeal, one of the attackers contacted the victim’s mother to obtain $300¹.



  • In Germany over new year, the public was not subjected to the frenzy of sexual assault and rape which places like Cologne had become infamous for last year. The attacks, largely attributed to people “of North African¹ and Arab appearance¹“, made headlines around the world and brought pressure on police and politicians, as well as accusations of attempting to cover up these crimes.

The police in Nord-Rhein Westfallen stopped and contained people “of North African appearance” in an effort to halt a repeat of last years’ occurences. Some of these measures worked, with the numbers of reported attacks were down, though the police presence was massively increased, thought attacks did still occur¹.

However, instead of praising police actions in stopping another frenzy of criminality, or even seeing a correlation between the groups previously identified and the attacks which had been committed, some are now criticizing¹ the police¹ of Nord-Rhein Westfallen for racially¹ profiling¹ people of North African appearance (Nafris¹ as known by the police). If a group is to be treated unfairly, it seems that only native people¹ should receive that treatment¹*. The fact that it was effective is largely overlooked, and crime¹ statistics¹ apparently¹ mean¹ nothing¹ when it’s uncomfortable for one political side.

In the Netherlands, many asylum centers (AZC’s) which a high population of North Africans had also closed their doors¹* so the asylum seekers¹* could not leave. This was done at the discretion of local government.



  • The EU is once again doing its own thing. Whether it’s EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker blocking¹ tax avoidance¹ reforms¹** in order to benefit Luxembourg while he was the Prime Minister, or the ever growing trend against the “right wing” from Ireland¹ to Germany¹*, it’s clear that only the political left should prevail.

Indeed, in France this can seen with the upcoming election, as National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen has been discovering when attempting to find finance for her Presidential bid in France. A circular reasoning is being born when a French political party is being denied¹ loans by French banks and is such, forced to take money from banks linked to other¹ countries¹ where it is then criticized¹ for taking money¹ from.

Along with the ‘right wing’, it’s also nationalists and national governments which are undermining¹ the EU (which is apparently not an organization which puts force or political pressure on others¹). The union itself, outside of being ruled by those even some media¹ see as ‘out of touch¹‘, is simply not able to consolidate the differences of culture and peoples within its borders. It would seem that it’s populism and Brexit¹ which is largely responsible for the EU’s woes, though perhaps¹ Italy¹ and others¹ will¹ add¹ to those¹ soon¹.


Perhaps more news will emerge from events over the last week considering that at least attempts at news suppression have previously occurred over this same¹ period¹ last¹ year¹.


This has been week 1.


* Language source other than English

** Alternate archive source due to a complaint from US Digital Millennium Copyright Act¹ (screenshot follows)

Extra material: Einzelfall-Map* (Isolated incident map showing criminal activity perpetrated largely by “refugees”)


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