With the hopes of a new year.

It’s been a long year complete with many twists and turns. Some desirable above all else and others truly tragic -And far too often predictable.Leaders of nations seldom learn lessons that would alter their stance outside of the build up towards an election, so it’s up to the people to do that themselves. By vote or by force, the will of people should at all times be felt, complied with and yes, even feared by those in positions of power. Without, no change will ever be made.

In her new years message, Angela Merkel said that Islamic terrorism is the “greatest threat¹” to Germany, and that 2016 has been a year of “severe tests”. It would be easy to agree if it weren’t for the fact that Angela Merkel and the EU have been instrumental over the last few years in introducing this “greatest threat”. And if it were indeed a year of severe tests, then everyone has failed bar the “greatest threat” itself.

With hatred of the west and of white people becoming normalized in many news outlets, 2016 has joined a number of recent years in which the devil has been cast and can say nothing in its own defense. Broad strokes have been painted in many places so long as they cover the ‘right’ people, but doing the same to any other group is unthinkable.

Perhaps the tradition of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new will allow a fresh start. Maybe crazy notions like law will be upheld for all and not simply for “right wing” groups that would dare to refuse or speak against¹ a government who would rather import potential voters than protect their people.

Another year is over, though in truth it’s just another day. We hope the tradition is at least something that will keep.

For what it’s worth, happy and safe new year to all.

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