Russia is at it again, apparently.

In the US in October many in the US, including President Obama himself, were eager to mock Donald Trump’s “whining¹” over his assertions that the elections could be rigged, some outlets going so far as to claim that as dangerous¹ or insane¹.

Incredibly, since the election has ended, those same people who demanded the idea of a rigged election as being dangerous to democracy¹ have been motioning for the election results to be recounted (by and large only where Trump won¹), petitions for the US electoral college to ignore the vote in favor of Clinton¹ (as elaborated in the following image), and now for a “sweeping review¹” of supposed Russian¹ electoral hacking¹. The New York Times¹ going so far as to claim that US spy and law enforcement agencies were in agreement weeks before the election that Russia was attempting to undermine the vote (in Trump’s favor). The New York Times had previously labeled such claims when coming from Republicans and Donald Trump beforehand as lies¹.


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It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, with no change in evidence, that officials¹ and the President¹ himself all defended the electoral process and claimed that the election was not hacked¹. However, it seems to grow worse when MSM continues to report on this as at least semi-factual despite the fact that no evidence¹ has been presented to substantiate these claims¹, and even the FBI disagrees¹ with much of the CIA’s beliefs.

Despite many claims which have recently emerged, Donald Trump’s choice for defense secretary¹ does not appear to be on the same pro-Russia page that it’s claimed Trump is on.

Indeed, much of this whole scenario sounds suspiciously like the ‘fake news¹‘ which has been pushed¹ in the media recently¹. What is fake news? In short, it’s ‘right wing¹‘ news, or anything that isn’t MSM, ‘liberal’ or ‘left leaning’.


This is what the face of what many would call the ‘elite’. In many ways, it parallels other groups, though the frightening idea that ‘fake news’ could be regulated by government so that only what is approved first may be broadcast, could one day become reality.

At least the hacking bogey man might be kept at bay.



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