Now that that’s over..

The news has been around the world a few times already, America chose Donald Trump to be their next president. Despite the hysteria and fear mongering from those who voted for Clinton, it’s what democracy has brought, regardless of your own personal opinions.

There is however, one thing that the American elections have exposed, and that is the unscrupulous way in which MSM and social media have not only reported, but encouraged the way things have gone -Let alone the things that have been under reported or misrepresented.  Not just in the US either, but all around the world.

When a body grows large and untrustworthy by its own hand, it should no longer be trusted, nor should it be allowed to remain. The risk is too great that the people would be sold intentional misinformation to benefit a state and/or political group. Already the EU has tried to move against a democratic government¹ after being branded “right wing” by the media. A label often used to any party that doesn’t see Globalism as a positive force. With similar thoughts be presented against a “right wing¹” Austria after the initial election was plagued with irregularities¹, the narrative of “nationalism bad” will only grow.

These were not however just flukes, certainties fueled by uncertainty brought about by mistaken polls and over sampling. This is the media entrusted by many to inform them of the world’s events. To inform the citizens of their own countries about their own elections, governments and other bodies like the EU.

This bias, and the lies that often come with it aren’t just harmless opinions or accidents, they’re active members of a political community which in many cases, ignores the general will of the people in the first place. With the media in the mix, the majority becomes the minority who should stay quiet and not upset the apple cart.

But how many apple carts will there be which can be upset with the many elections across the EU due in the coming year?

At least some in the media recognize* what is being presented, though little is being done.


*Via youtube channel AIM Archives

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