No evidence of voter fraud

–Is the main news the mainstream media has to answer Donald Trump’s claims that the election is being rigged¹. Many MSM outlets have taken this as an opportunity to pounce on the Republican Presidential candidate, not forgetting to show polls and continue the story that Hillary Clinton is leading¹ among most if not all groups. But is it really as crazy an assumption as it’s being made out to be? Polls are often being brought into question on the side of Trump supporters, though it’s not often explained why outside of ‘conservative’ or ‘alt-right’ circles.

But there is a good reason for this, evidence currently points to over¹ sampling¹ of¹ democratic¹ voters¹ which obviously gives a pro-DNC¹ bonus¹. The argument can and has¹ been made that over sampling one group is only done to illustrate the differences of group sizes. However, in many cases, it simply inflates¹ the number of democrats. On top of this, voter registration for the Republican Party¹ has increased¹, which also includes registered Democrats changing over to Republican (with far fewer registering for Democrat or changing from republican).

This is not the only thing to be concerned by in this election though. Throughout the western world, voters know to bring identification with them whenever they intend to exercise their right (and in the case of Australia, their mandated duty) to vote. It’s how you show you are who you say you are and of course, show that you have the right to vote. However, America is a strange place that comes to this, and unsurprisingly, so is the media there.

Some media¹ outlets¹ and other¹ legal¹ groups¹ seem to be of the opinion that voting ID’s are discriminatory. And they’re not alone¹, the DNC¹ itself often supports policies which avoid voter ID laws as well, claiming that requiring an ID disproportionately effects minority (DNC)¹ voters¹. Still, for much of the world, fulfilling the common requirements¹ certainly doesn’t paint the picture displayed. Bring a birth certificate, proof of residency and a social security number -Let’s not forget that an ID like this is required for much less than voting. It’s needed to get into a club, buy alcohol and cigarettes and drive. It hardly seems as Draconian as many articles point it out to be.

Though there is also a likely reason why photo ID cards are fought against. There¹ have¹ been¹ a number of dead¹ people who have been registered to vote in the coming elections in many states where voter ID’s are contested. Presenting the argument as a purely in place to disenfranchise minorities appears disingenuous.

And thanks to much of the media denying fraud¹ is occurring¹, public distrust of political bodies and media is only increasing.


Additional information via Project Veritas videos found on youtube: here and here.


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