Is there a potential for war on the horizon?

Relations between the US and Russia are at their worst since the Cold War, and almost seem to worsen every day. Here we give you six things which are occurring right now, which may mean that a world war is in the works:

1) The United States has been considering “direct military intervention” in Syria, including air strikes, and Russia has already indicated that such attacks will be regarded as a “clear threat to Russian servicemen”. Major General Igor Konashenkov says that the US military “carefully consider the possible consequences” of such action.¹²

2) While the US military cuts down on the number of nuclear weapons aboard their submarines, aircraft and missile silos, has the Russian military increased their number sharply, and Russia has now deployed 429 more nuclear warheads than the United States. This corresponds to 246 warheads more than 1550 as the United States and Russia agreed in 2011 under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The US currently has around 1,350 nuclear weapons deployed, a figure that has been reduced from old numbers under the Obama administration.¹

3) Reports from Russia say the Kremlin has ordered his officials to ensure that their relatives living abroad “return to the motherland immediately.” Journalist Ostap Karmodi reported; “First we got security personnel banned from traveling abroad, then high-ranking officials asked to sell their foreign houses, dissolve their companies and closing their foreign bank accounts. Now they are ordered to bring home their children. The only strange thing is that this has not happened before. This of course is a preparation for war.” The Kremlin has also warned its officials that those who fail to comply will be overlooked for promotion. ¹

4) Between the 4th and 7th of October this year conducted Russia an evacuation exercise which involved 40 million civilians and 200,000 rescuers. According to Russia’s disaster ministry EMERCOM, the exercise should prepare the people for “major natural and man-made disasters.” Moscow’s state television channel NTV recently asked its viewers to make sure that they knew where the nearest bomb shelter is located; “If it ever had to happen, everyone should know where the nearest bomb shelter is. It is best to find out now! ” The exercise comes during an ongoing diplomatic disagreement between the US and Russia over support for Syrian forces in Syria. The Russian government is in support of Bashar al-Assad, while the US has been supporting rebels and other governments in the region -Some of which are indeed seen as terrorist groups. ¹²

5) The US has now officially accused Russia of being behind the hacking of the Democratic Party’s internal emails. In a statement issued by the US government states that they “are confident that the Russian government is behind the revelations of emails from American individuals and institutions,” and that “these thefts and publication is intended to affect the US election process.”
As the recent election has shown, Hillary Clinton seems far more concerned with the idea that the Russian government it trying to keep her out of the White House than what questionable actions she has (or in some cases has not) undertaken. Part of the recent accusations seems to focus on one of the origin points of the attack, that being servers operated by a Russian company. Without a location it’s hard to assess, and without further evidence this may simply be part of a chain of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks).¹²³

6) The Obama administration is reportedly considering a wide scale cyber attack campaign against Russia to belittle the Kremlin in retaliation for recent slate of email leaks and attacks supposedly performed by Russia’s order. With many legitimately questioning the true origins and causes of these attacks however the motive for large scale attacks, coupled with the recent history of the US ‘shooting the messenger’ in the cases of such individuals as Assage, Snowden and others, should be put into question.¹²

Many of these instances paint a very grim picture of a potential future. Allegations seem to be used as a reasoning to go to war, or at the very least for what would otherwise be described as coordinated cyber terrorism. Wars have been started for less, but none of those were nuclear.


Via T.S. from our Norwegian sister site.

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