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Hysteria rocked college campuses in late 2015 as members of the KKK assembled at the University of Missouri to threaten black students and draw swastikas in feces. –Until the whole thing turned out to be a hoax¹ perpetrated by the student body. It was to be not the first event of its type, but it certainly was the loudest in a trend of claimed threats against black people and subsequent discoveries of fraud continuing¹ throughout¹ the¹ country¹. This is not to suggest that ‘hate’ crimes occur, however sensationalist coverage certainly paints a one sided picture, especially on a national and international level.

Many of these instances made their way through the international press, despite limited evidence and what appears to be little investigation outside of taking stories at face value. These stories are not limited to students and other members of the public, but police and security. It would appear that the media is more than happy to stoke the flames of animosity between the public and those charged with protecting them. All the while, a specific variety of stories is more often than not published, potentially to capitalize on outrage in an online society where “clickbait” is the cash cow of many outlets. In the rush to fight racism, racism has become a social norm that is becoming encouraged¹ in the name of progressivism.

However, such irresponsible reporting leaves society ill informed and dangerously on-edge. The climate established also promotes that idea that only one sort of person is the victim as other stories are ignored. Recently, students at the University of California, Berkeley staged a protest against¹ racism¹ while demanding segregated “safe spaces” for “people of color”. A victim culture has been established in the media where black people are being targeted by white people while stories running contrary to this rarely make it past local media outlets.

A few days before these protests, groups of anywhere from 50¹ to 100¹ (or even 200¹) “youths” were involved in the attacks which hospitalized at least one victim¹. 20-40 “youths” have been arrested at the time of writing regarding this recent slate of attacks.


Source: Facebook. Archive: Link.


A very important detail seems to be missing from a lot of the coverage of these incidents, one that would help identify suspects in the case that police were looking for more suspects. This is nothing new however, in the same area in 2014, a gang of teenage¹ girls¹ attacked at least one student with a brick and assaulted others. No warning was issued to students regarding the incident until after local media became involved in the incident, at which point other incidents of criminality occurred.

Video of report March 25, 2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (NBC10).

**This video is hosted by and uploaded through the channel “US Nationalist News” on March 25, 2014.

Accusations of MSM avoiding inconvenient truths are not new¹, nor is it in any way limited the US or low numbers¹ of victims¹. The blame however, is certainly reserved¹ for white¹ people as far as the media is concerned.

With all of these stories showing white people as violent murderers out of blood, it begs the question; Why doesn’t the media report the numbers? Surely actual crimes are more important than what is more often than not, a fraud.


FBI source. Archive link.



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