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An unacceptable standard now accepted.

The Turkish referendum took place in a rather predictable way given the recent history of detention of opposition, journalists and civil servants (numbering over 140,000¹ at most recent report) in the wake of a coup whose authenticity¹ has been questioned also. And despite observers being invited¹ to guard against voter fraud¹, many questions have been raised. Though not enough for some. Continue reading

What’s happening this year, week 15.


It’s been a busy week for Islamists, as they’ve dominated the headlines on an almost daily basis. In the mean time, news media online kept a large focus on a passenger being dragged off a flight, and a woman protesting against an EDL¹ protest in the UK. The latter dominated UK media with praise for the woman while once again ignoring pro-Sharia/caliphate¹ marches and Sharia courts¹ as well as ‘right wing’ protests of child sexual abuse by “Asian” gangs. This is week 15. [Updated Dortmund bombing] Continue reading

What’s happening this year, week 14.


It was a week where a government was blamed for the actions of those fighting against it and where an activist who wants a reformed Islam canceled an event in Australia due to security concerns. Where black immigration officers decried a promotion test as being racist¹ after failing it and where the BBC defended their bias¹ regarding Brexit, despite journalistic standards demanding bias not interfere. This and more made up the week, so here we go again. Continue reading

What’s happening this year, week 13.


The week began with attempts by some outlets at can only be described as revisionism, as the name and religious association of the London terrorist was replaced with a pre-conversion name or removed when it became time to speak of terrorism. In Sweden it’s being alleged that serious crimes will not be investigated¹ so that more petty crimes can be solved and make the statistics look better. And in the U.S., a leader of the Women’s March who lied about terrorist activity on her immigration papers is being deported¹. This was the week. [Updated] Continue reading

What’s happening this year, week 12.


From Pakistan looking to hunt and ban blasphemy against Islam¹, to the BBC in Asia asking what the right punishment¹ for blasphemy should be (and only apologizing for the ‘provocative tweet¹‘ after outcry), this has been a week dominated by politics, religion and in small part, by French authorities wanting to shut down a ‘Doctors without borders’ refugee camp due to the unacceptable behavior¹ of the ‘refugees’. [London terror attack update] Continue reading